Mini Mix

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Mini Mix

Hi… I’m Karen. I’m starting this blog with hopes of getting to know more of you who enjoy Mid Century Modern, as much as I do. Let’s share our passion, our projects, our finds, our collections and our favorite places to shop and spend time. Email your photos. I’ll pull them together and add them to the mix. Let’s see where this takes us.

A GIANT thank you to Emily Henderson, one of my favorite designers from the HGTV family. Thank you, for validating dollhouse and miniature collectors with the I’m a Giant dollhouse challenge. Now I can share my favorite addiction with others that have the same passion. This is going to be fun. The pressure is on, I have less than one month to make this happen.

 I have enough dollhouse furniture for five houses… or more, but I haven’t set up a dollhouse… yet. I have sketches and drawings and plans and pictures but nothing set up…not yet…What I have are tiny scenes on my bookshelves, between my poetry books and my collection of Dwell magazines.

Over the summer, a friend found a dollhouse on the sidewalk, that was destined for the landfill. She remembered that I didn’t have a dollhouse for all my furniture, so she and her daughter rescued it for me. I saw it’s potential right away. It used to be Georgian style. The central portico and exterior columns were missing but, that allowed me to see that it was begging to become Streamlined Moderne in it’s tiny Art Deco way.

From this… 

to something more like this.

I won’t be making everything true to that period. For me it’s all about the mix. I like contrast. I like juxtapositions: old with new, bold with soft, and vibrant energy with peaceful serenity.

When I heard about the I’m a Giant Dollhouse Challenge I started to get some ideas. The first change to see is  easy… I’m sure you agree… the exterior color?.. a little more neutral… yes?  Next?…  the third floor attic and roof are missing.

Here I’ll install a railing, and gain a relaxing roof top get away. One of the windows is damaged.

The tiny divided panes won’t go with a streamlined look anyway. I may even decide to widen the windows. There is never too much natural light in a house. The fireplace needs a facelift and the stairs are coming out.

They’re in the wrong place. The great thing about Mini Realm is that it doesn’t have to be functional. The wall between the living area and the kitchen needs to move 1 or 2 feet, in dollhouse scale that is, and I’m putting up an addition at that end. This will make room for more of a dining area. If I have enough time, I might add a room on the other side of the living area. Maybe it will be an office or an art studio. I’m going to get out my tools. There’s work to do. See ya.                       

 Giant Decree: In Mini Realm the only motive is love. Hatred does not exist.  There is no vengeance.

  Thoughts, comments?



  1. Kathie Bennett
    November 22, 2011

    Karen, this is a great foundation for the challenge. Check out the Greenleaf Dollhouse Forum to tap a deep well of inspiration and experience in all things mini, especially in bashing (remodeling) doll houses. You’ll find more of my own work on that website in the Gallery and Blog under my screen name, KathieB.

  2. Kathie Bennett
    November 22, 2011

    Oopsie. Forgot the url:

    • Karen
      November 22, 2011

      Thank you Kathie,
      The best part is getting to know so many creative people who enjoy some of the same things I enjoy. I’ve been to your blog and found it so inspiring. I’m on my way to check out the gallery you recommended. We’ll talk again.
      Happy Thanksgiving Day from New York City.

  3. Megan
    November 26, 2011

    Ah ha, here’s the house. Sorry, I was reading your posts out of order. I love the inspiration pic. Have you seen the work of Henry Colbert? He makes similar Art Deco houses that are insane. He only makes one or two a year and has a wait list that is supposedly pretty long, but I LOVE looking at his work.

    Can’t wait to see how you revamp this house. I have my beat up dollhouse my mom built, but that project is on hold until after the Giant challenge. 😀

    • Karen
      November 27, 2011

      Great you found it. No, I haven’t heard of Henry Colbert. I’m so excited to be learning about so many talented artists. I’ll be checking out your reference link. It’s so precious that your Mom built a house that you still have. I look forward to seeing it and what you do with it.


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