Revamp a Lamp

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Revamp a Lamp

In the living area, my thoughts are going in this direction.

What do you think? An Art Deco nod to Mid Century Modern … MCM, it’s another of my addictions…. anything from the late 30’s to the early 70’s…. in Mini Realm and in Real World scale. The wallpaper is a vintage roll, probably from the 50’s… a lucky Ebay find. If I’m feeling brave, I might try some re-upholstery. I’d like to try something that would leave the original in tact, so I don’t end up ruining a vintage German dollhouse piece. Maybe some hidden pins. Remember in Mini Realm it doesn’t … say it with me… have to be functional.

This lamp is vintage too…   not in a good way. You can see the steps I took to revamp it. Next time… in an accent color.

Love this collection of lamps. A little fabric and some rubber cement and they’ll be transformed. Not sure which ones I’ll use. We’ll see.

Giant Decree: In Mini Realm words, spoken and unspoken, are always kind. Criticism is always empowering, never dis-empowering. The words “I’m sorry.” are never necessary.   

 Thoughts, comments?

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