Developing Changes

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Developing Changes

I had to rethink my choice for the display shelves in the living room. The original choice

was too wide for this dollhouse. Instead, I’ve decided on this one.

It goes with the Streamline concept and it has better proportions. I love its tiny Asian influence. This display cabinet, like the original choice, is  vintage, made in Germany. It has tiny glass display shelves and the back panel has a mirror.

I once asked one of my German friends if little girls actually played with these dollhouse pieces. They just don’t look like toys to me. She answered “Of course, playing with toys that had the qualities of  Mother’s cherished pieces, taught us how to keep a real house.”  My childhood dollhouse was tin with plastic furniture… It was a Marx split level ranch. Mid Century Modern …. but  plastic and tin… sooo  can I use that for  my excuse to being… hmmm … let’s just say in need of improving  my housekeeping skills. Nooo ? Ok I had to try … I’m going to go clean my room.

Giant Decree: In Mini Realm the citizens do favors for each other without being asked. Nothing is ever expected in return.

Thoughts, comments?




  1. Megan
    November 26, 2011

    Hi Karen,
    Great site, love it! That cabinet is great. One random comment… I’m on a Mac and when I try to leave a comment the grey “Submit Comment” button is actually missing, or it’s with in its off tag. When I hovered over it, it changed to the grey button, but at first it looked like there was no way to submit your comment. Could be a Mac vs PC thing, but just thought I’d mention it.

    Looking forward to following your Giant progress. 😀

    • Karen
      November 27, 2011

      I’m glad you like the cabinet I chose. And thank you for your input re: the missing button. I’m on a Mac too so that couldn’t be it. Yesterday I had my daughter… she’s my site developer… change the color of some of the text. Maybe she will have to look in to that feature and change the color. Since my background is grey I had her change some of my text to white. But if it’s white on white it will make it disappear. I’ll let her know. Thank you for the info.


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