Kitchen Addition

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Kitchen Addition

Typically this isn’t how you’d size up  the construction of a new kitchen addition,but in Mini Realm it works.  I found the kitchen cupboards I wanted. After playing with different arrangements, I found one I liked and measured the space I needed.

Just wait and see, how I fit in the stove and a couple of display nooks on the dining side. I love it when a solution to a problem falls in place while you sleep and the answer comes in a dream. Now my problem is figuring out how to construct what I’ve dreamed up.

On the list of Must Haves is a table for breakfast and a separate formal dining area. This set needs some TLC… maybe a new acrylic top and vinyl coverings for the rusty metal seats, but I think the chrome legs and the shape of the chairs works well with the Streamline concept.

The addition will also have streamlined wrap around windows with very little upper cabinet storage. Glass shelves will be incorporated in the windows for storing dishes and glassware. And since Streamline Moderne exteriors often remind me of a ship,  I think I’ve worked out a couple of places to rest some port hole windows. The problem is that they have to work both inside and outside.  I need to review them visually  from both sides before I’m sure.

As if I don’t have enough to do before the challenge deadline, I’m beginning to consider a bathroom addition above the kitchen. You know that slippery slope you encounter, when you make a design decision that inspires other decisions to follow, and then you have trouble stopping, till you run out of money. I think I’m slipping. Helllllllp.

Giant Decree: In Mini Realm computers never crash. Data is never lost. There is no need to make backup files.

Thoughts, comments?


  1. Megan
    November 28, 2011

    Ah ha ha! I know what you mean. My ambitions are bigger than my wallet.
    Where did you find that kitchen? It’s perfect for your streamline moderne look. I love the table and chairs. Gorgeous! Tick tick tick… deadline approaches. 😛

    • Karen
      November 28, 2011

      I like that ” bigger than my wallet” … so funny, but true. The kitchen cabinets came from Germany. I have a couple of dear friends who live in Germany. One of them likes going to the Children’s street markets on the weekends. She says they are such fun. The mother’s make pastries and coffee for sale and there are all kinds of old toys. We keep an eye out for each other’s hobbies. She likes black Barbie dolls and Walter Keane prints of big-eyed children. Both she says are impossible to find in Germany, and she finds me German dollhouse things from the 50’s. Sometimes I find things on the German Ebay and one of my German friends helps me with the communication and the money transaction.


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