Collections and Confessions

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Collections and Confessions

To get the dollhouse remodeling started, I had to add to another of my collections…  my Ryobi collection…power tools from Home Depot. I picked up a new  jigsaw. I have the Ryobi tool kit that comes with the portable tool cabinet on wheels. I don’t think the cabinet is offered any longer, but I love mine. It’s compact and every tool has it’s place. Things that are compact, or things that are miniature, that’s how I make living in New York City work. But uhmmm… about my tool collection… I do have something I need to admit. Just because I’ve had tools for … EVER…. doesn’t mean I’ve used them. My contractor uses my tools more than I do. I left him in Michigan, when I came to New York, so I’m getting acquainted with  them. He made it look so easy. Even in miniature scale… I’m finding…. IT’S NOT EASY.

So today was demo day. Starting on the exterior I took off the shutters and the gingerbread trim. Ugh.. it was glued in places and I tore up some of the surface…

Maybe some added texture to the new paint job will make the addition appear more seamless. Can you tell which side the addition is going on? Right now…. I have to look really hard to see streamline. Squint… see?

On the interior  I’m relocating walls.

The stairs came out and the fireplace is next. It’s cute, but it’s just not streamline enough. I’m beginning to wonder, if I was a little too ambitious. to think I could finish by the deadline. Remodeling jobs never get done on schedule, right?  Can we get an extension? Do you think I could pull a couple of Santa’s elves off his job site, to help me kick this out?

Wait… I don’t want Santa mad at me. Sorry Santa, I’ll be good.

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