Locking It Down and Narrowing My Focus

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Locking It Down and Narrowing My Focus

Decisions… decisions…. I’ve been locking down some choices for curtains and rugs for the dollhouse challenge. It’s been fun, but I have so many options that it’s been very time consuming. Having spent part of my career designing kitchens and bathroom remodels, I learned very quickly that clients become paralyzed  by too many choices. It would help if I presented only a couple of choices at a time. I have a hard time doing that for myself.

A friend of mine owns an upholstery shop. She gives me all her old sample books. My doll furniture is surrounded by more silk and fine fabric than I have in my full scale world but, the choices are overwhelming…

Here are my choices (subject to change… ha ha…) for the living room. I think the spicey paprika color is an energizing choice to go in the mix with the gold and black furniture, which are very grounding. It needed a lift… a little spike….  something to kick it up a notch.

I carried the gold and black theme into the dining room. And here I echoed the color direction with the rug and curtain fabric. I’ll allow the plate settings, center piece and food to be the accents in this room.

I like a dominance of calm colors in the bedroom. The blue reminds me of a cool sea breeze. Added to this sense of peace, is the color of romance… red… just enough to spice it up here too.

Now that I’ve locked down these decisions, I have to admit that there is just too much work for me to do it all by the deadline, unless someone has figured out how to put a lot of extra hours into a 24 hour day. Nah, I’d need to fit a couple of months into a 24 hour day. Or maybe…. I really will steal some of Santa’s elves from his job site. There has to be couple of them experienced at making dollhouses.

I wanted to be done by Wednesday, so Thursday could be photo day. The house is still in pieces and construction material and tools have taken over the dining room… not just the table. So I’m going to make a drastic change in my plans. It’s allowed in Mini Realm. The Giant, that’s me on this project, makes the rules. I’m going to  narrow my focus and try to get one room completed by the deadline. Yup. just one. The rest of the project will go on the back burner.

Now I have given myself a very BIG decision to make. Which room? Quick… decide… there’s not much time left, to get things cooking! OK… OK….I choooose… the bedroom! I’m going to turn the heat up on the bedroom ( not IN the bedroom… I could see where your thoughts were going)… and I’m going to hope that it gets done by  the deadline. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted, of course.

2012 UPDATE: Unfortunately like many other participants in the I’m a Giant contest, I didn’t finish what I started… even with the extended deadline. Truthfully, I’m in the same company as the contest coordinators, who stop blogging about the contest after a couple of posts, and never mentioned it agin, but I still feel some regrets. I’ll get back to the project one day, but for now it has gone back to my closet. The fortunate outcome is that I met a lot of great people, worldwide, that share my interests in design and dollhouses. For this I’m grateful.

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