Downton Abbey Dollhouses Continue

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Downton Abbey Dollhouses Continue

Look, I’m so excited!  I found more Downton Abbey dollhouse  rooms. I have to distract myself somehow, while I wait for season 3 to be available in the U.S. This is another German Ebay find, item number 300727066304. The rumor is that someone is suppose to die in season 3. There might even be two funerals. Have you ever seen a funeral taking place in a dollhouse chapel?

I don’t think I would enjoy displaying this find, if it were mine. The bidding has ended ay 120 Euro, but if  it were mine, I would have to retire the casket and create  a wedding, or maybe a baptism or baby dedication.  I like rooms that evoke happy memories. This scene is too sad. The Dowager Countess of Grantham is crying. The question is who… who is in the casket? Instead, let’s imagine the Crawley family and friends at the wedding of Mary and Matthew. Well, that event might take place in more of a cathedral than a tiny chapel. Maybe Sybil’s wedding would have taken place here. She doesn’t seem to care about wealth and prestige. She has more important matters to express.

Here’s another unique find. It went for 162 Euro on the German Ebay, item number  300727086317. It’s the Trophy room at Downton Abbey. I love it. What do you think?

I imagine that is Lady Mary in the Trophy room, about to go fox hunting. She’s quite a hunter by the looks of her fur stole. Edith says she likes to be in at the kill.

Who knew she was such an expert horse rider. Well she did show off with Pamuk. Look at those trophies. The room has such nice art pieces and the tiny sculptures are so fitting. I hope this went to a museum curator.


Who was it that went on all the jungle safaris?

  And someone actually made a trip to the North Pole. Don’t you love the ferocious bear skin rug?

Be sure to come back soon for more Downton Abbey Dollhouse finds. This has been fun. Don’t you agree?


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