More Downton Abbey Dollhouses

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More Downton Abbey Dollhouses

Yes, believe it or not… the MOST incredible Downton Abbey inspired dollhouses. Feast your eyes on these early 20th century  dollhouses. They are all listed on the German Ebay site, and as I write the auctions have not ended. I’ll include the item numbers, or you can do an advanced search on the German Ebay site with the sellers id name: Antikloge. Hurry and bid, you have a little more than 24 hours.

First on the runway is this beauty: Item number  350579722180.

The bedroom… the Guest Bedroom where Pamuk was supposed to sleep. Uhmmm, he spent the night here, but he wasn’t asleep… he was ahh … oh don’t let me spoil it for anyone who just started watching… What took you soooo long? The wallpaper is so Edwardian, very palace worthy… absolutely dreamy.

Look at the actual marble topped  bedside tables and dressing table. One wall has an old fashioned room oven. I like the bedrooms with a fireplace. The wardrobe has all of Pamuk’s clothing; his riding suit, his dinner attire and the viewing.. oops… never mind. What viewing… someone croaked…? WHO?

Next to the Guest Bedroom is a Sitting Room…

The drapes are so lush and the beautiful fringed carpet…. Who was the lucky little girl who got this from Santa?

Ready for another?

Same seller. Who did these belong to?  I would not have been able to part with any  of  them. The item number is 350579724353.I love the wallpaper border, especially just above the floor. And the cornice boards above the drapes, aren’t they a sweet little detail?  Here is where Matthew will sit with Lord Grantham  for a glass of wine, and ask for Mary’s hand. They will toast to a happy future and  Matthew will not waste any time . He opens the drop front desk and begins addressing the wedding invitations.

On this side is a plant stand, or it could be for a vase of flowers. Then there is another stand for a pitcher and a wash basin.  I guess it would be nice to wash your hands before an evening snack. Maybe the dressers are for last minute changes, or to hold the linens. See the black silhouette art on the wall? The Crawley sister’s are playing ring around the rosey in one of the gardens. That was before they understood about the inheritance rights that came with their birth order. “I hanker for the simpler days.”

Oh, I want to play! I want to set the table for a toast! I want to peak under the covered dishes and imagine warm pastries fresh from Mrs. Pratmore’s oven.

I want to open this bag of goodies and put the large vase on the stand  with some flowers. The cat can nap under one of the chairs. I want to see what all the treasures are…. in the baggie.

There’s more!

This is from the same seller. The item number is 350579724972. Remember to enter it in the search on the German Ebay site.

An exquisite Sitting Room and Bedroom. Isn’t it charming? Again, the cornice boards are a detail I admire. And the lace edges on the drapes are such a special touch.

This feels like Lady Sybil’s quartes. Remember the naughty kitchen cat that almost ate their dinner? It found its way into her room and knocked over the vase on the shelf below the mirror. Naughty cat!

Look at the paneling of the door, top and bottom: horizontal panels and the two in the middle are vertical. Next time you watch Downton Abbey you will notice the similarities to the doors. I notice those kind of things, it’s the Architect in me.

Doesn’t Sybil seem like the kind of personality that would choose the color red for her Bedroom? The red in Mary’s Bedroom foreshadows romance. Sybil’s red is more subtle. She is so forward thinking and not the least afraid to express herself. She could have a fancier bed if she wanted, but luxury and extravagance are not important to her. We should all be a little more Sybil.

Here’s Lady Sybil’s tea set.

Don’t you love the candle stick holder? She’d better not leave the candle lit with that naughty cat around.

Another one! I can’t choose a favorite. Can you?  Same seller: Antikloge. German Ebay Item number 251102770759.

I know I’ve seen those drapes on Dowton Abbey, maybe they were at Isobel Crawley’s residence. Yes, she and Matthew can sit here and talk about their “jobs” and plans for “the weekend”.

I see some of Matthew’s law books. Weren’t they given a maid? Someone needs to do some dusting.

The wingback chair looks like the perfect place to do some reading, by the window.

And NOW, for the GRAND FINALE.  TA TA DAHHH!  Same lucky seller. Item number 251102775178.

It’s the focus of  the downstairs hustle and bustle: Downton Abbey’s Kitchen.

I want to hang up all the pots and pans and put the dishes in the cupboard. I can hear Mrs Pratmore blaming Daisy for something. Thomas and OBrien are plotting and scheming, right around the corner. Daisy is using that “poisoned stuff ” to clean the copper pots, right outside the back door. I hope she remembers to return the cleanser to a safe spot. I would hate to have Matthew accidentally poisoned… before the wedding. Please, let them be together at last, in Season 3.

There’s never enough working surface in a kitchen, is there? Especially one that has to serve so many….

If I had this collection, there would be no time for a ” job”. Life would just be one long “weekend”. And I would love it!

It looks like Daisy finished polishing the copper. Same seller, item number 251102035520.



Mrs Pratmore could use  some new tools. Same seller, item number 251105482935.

…. and a larger oven…. After all, she has to cook for the upstairs and the downstairs. Item number 251105487032 and same lucky seller.

Thanks for looking. I had fun. I’ll add more Down Abbey dollhouses when I find them. Stay calm, season 3 will be here before we know it.


  1. Brian Kirby
    July 17, 2012

    What a beautiful selection of dollhouses and the miniatures are superb! Excellent post Karen.

    • Karen
      July 17, 2012

      Thank you, for the compliment, Brian,
      I visited your dollhouse site. The garden room box you offer with the arched entry and much of your furniture, especially the Bespaq selections would be perfect for someone to recreate a “Downton Abbey” room. I might even make some time. My daughter promised to get me linked to social networking today, like Facebook and Twitter. I think then I can link with suppliers and other blogs that I like. Your blogs are very informative and fun. Julia wrote one titled “Where Did Your Dollhouse Passion Begin”. I always want to know that about the people that share my interest. I wanted to respond, but I couldn’t see where, to leave a comment. I’ll be back to visit.

      • Uday
        July 29, 2012

        Ann, I’ve never seen an episode at all….ever! And I so want to. (We don’t have a satteile dish or cable) Do you know if there are DVD’s available of Season 1 and 2? If so, where might I get them. I would love to see them and get caught up. Who is the actress who plays Maggie? She looks familiar. Thanks Ann and I hope you have a great week ahead. Pamela

        • Karen
          July 30, 2012

          You’re going to enjoy this historic drama series. Maggie Smith plays the part of Lord Grantham’s mother, Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham. You can find the DVD’s on Ebay. Please come back to visit and join me in finding Downton Abbey inspired distractions, while we wait for Season 3. Cheers!


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