The Newlyweds: Lady Sybil and Branson

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The Newlyweds: Lady Sybil and Branson

Here’s another incredible German dollhouse Ebay seller. Lately she has some dollhouse things with the Downton Abbey flavor. Her ID is Rasputin48. When I discovered her early 1900’s collections, I had to do a completed listings search to see what I had missed. Everything sold for “I need to win the lottery.” prices, but I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did.

I imagine this is the newlywed home of Lady Sybil and Branson.

Sybil is sleeping in. She needs her rest now that she is with child. Branson will get his own breakfast and fix her a little something too.

Then Branson will read the morning paper, sit as his desk and work on his campaign strategies for the upcoming elections. I don’t know what office yet. Any suggestions? I only know that he’s going to practice being on both sides of the issues, in a non-committed fashion, so that he can get all the votes he needs to win. Lady Sybil is his speech writer and campaign manager. He’s practicing his acceptance speech, can you hear him?

At the end of the day, this is the room where they catch up and plan the next day. Their home looks happy.

This home is empty. The farmer’s wife insisted on a move, after she caught her husband with Lady Edith. Oh no, I wonder if Lady Edith is “damaged goods” now, too?

The drapes are rather fancy for a farmer. Maybe the farmer’s wife is a seamstress. I love the edging and the lace panels.

This kitchen must belong to Lady Mary and Matthew. It’s fully equipped and needs at least one cook and a kitchenmaid. I worry a little  for the child that played ” the Cook”. Keep looking and you’ll see why.



Real gas burners… scary huh? Where were the child safety advocates back then? Did parent’s just take responsibility for their poor judgement or did they try to blame the toy makers, if their child was burned? Maybe parents and grandparents took time to play with their children, supervising when the burners were lit. I hope so.

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