Furnish Your Palace

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Furnish Your Palace

More from Rasputin48, a German Ebayer with dollhouse finds from the Edwardian Period or as I like to put it… with the Downton Abbey flavor. Some of these items are dated even earlier that the 1900’s… try late 1800’s. Wow. Some of the auctions may have already ended. Enjoy anyway.

Could you find anything more fit for a king and queen… or an earl and countess? This Living Room and matching Dining set must have made  some little girl very happy. It must have been passed on from mother to daughter, generation to generation, a few times.

Here’s a more colorful option for the Drawing Room / Parlor.  Look at the marble table top. Were these actually made for kids?

I hope you’ll stay for  dinner.


Sweet dreams and more marble countertops. Don’t put any peas under the mattresses. The Ladies won’t sleep a wink.

If I were one of the Ladies of the dollhouse castle, this is where I’d keep my heirloom jewelry, my secret diaries, my buried treasure maps and my scandalous love letters. There’s a lock for the door, I hope.

And this is the desk where Lady Edith would have written her love letters to Patrick Crawley



The Lady of the room will keep all of her lace and lovelies in here.

What will she keep in here?

Here’s the arrangement she can keep on the dresser top. A healthy bowl of fruit and some candles for mood lighting.  Now she can see, if anyone comes knocking at her door, in the wee hours of the night.

( KNOCK KNOCK ) Wait… a Lady must always check her appearance before she answers the door.

“Uh, who are you and how did you get here?”

I think we need more light.

Who ever that was at the door, he looked lost. Was he on his way somewhere, or on his way back from somewhere? Lady Edith will find out, she can drag a secret out of anyone. ” You’ll feel so much better after you tell me…. It’s not fair to you, to be expected to keep the secret, all to yourself. You poor thing.”

OK ,OK ,I’ll … I’ll TELL you.


  1. Carol Morehead
    August 6, 2012

    Oooo la la. Such a collection of Boulle! Love the first German parlor pieces! CM

    • Karen
      August 6, 2012

      Yes, the Germans knew how to do dollhouses for the “little girl” in us collectors. What a fun job it must have been to be a dollhouse maker and designer!


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