A Toast to Treasured Friends

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A Toast to Treasured Friends

Please join me for a glass of wine, out on the Rooftop Terrace? I would like to raise a toast to treasured friends, worldwide. To friends! Hear. Hear!

This is one of the few book shelves I have that still carries a few books and magazines. My dollhouse furniture has taken over the  other bookshelf in my room. When I take more pictures I will show you.

On the level under the Terrace is a Living Room, dedicated to four dear friends that I made through transactions on Ebay. The  furniture is vintage Lundby . It’s that beautiful red orange that was so popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

To the colorful bookshelf “room” I have added a collection of Dala Horses. I acquired the first one, a little over a year ago.  It’s the bigger one, on the floor, to the left of the couch. I got it from Swedish Tradera, their version of Ebay.

When my friend, Jan, who lives in Sweden, saw it, he could see the scale was off. It had to be much smaller to fit in my dollhouse collection . He found the tiny red one on the sideboard, and surprised me with it. Isn’t it adorable?

 Recently, I saw the teeny blue one on Ebay and decided to get a compaion for my tiny red one. The teeny blue horse began its journey to me from Florida. I wonder if its first journey was from Sweden to the U.S. The first time it came to the Concrete Jungle, it lost its way.  It galloped all the way back to Florida, taking the scenic route, because it took a loooong time, before making it back to Florida, and starting out again on its second trip. Finally, it arrived. It pranced right up next to the little red Dalahast (Dala Horse) and its happy there.

Meanwhile Kathy, the seller, felt so bad that it hadn’t showed up, so she sent me the teensy painted stone horse on the cute display stand, as a consolation. It made itself at home in this “room”. It even has a tiny splash of that reddish orange color in its mane.

The latest two additions to the “room” are the tiny Bible and the portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the coffee table. My friend Brigitte from Germany, recently surprised me with the Bible, and her daughter Franzi made the Marilyn Monroe portrait, for me.  You can really read the pages in the Bible. The type is actually legible, that is, if you have  a high powered magnifying glass. And the portrait has a little splash of glitter, that reminds me of the living room walls in the home where I grew up. They were pale turquoise with sprinkles of silver glitter. I am so fortunate to have such good friends, and they know me sooooo well. Thank you, my friends, I treasure your friendships as much and even more than I treasure the tiny things you have surprised me with. Jan,tack. Kathy, thank you. And Brigitte and Franzi, danke.





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