Dollhouse Street Markets

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Dollhouse Street Markets

Street markets and shops for your dollhouse family! These are all from the same German Ebayer: CountryVillage09. This is the kind of treasure hunt I would enjoy. Let your imagination join me on a spending spree. And if you really feel the urge to open your purse, they are all available for bidding as I publish this post.

Let’s start with a bite to eat from The Bakery.

I’m going to go for a slice of Cheesecake.

What will you have? Maybe a cannoli?

They have iced tea, cold beer and freshly squeezed organic juices at The Little Kitchen. Let’s stop for a glass of something cold.


Iced coffee would be good on a sweltering day like today.

Ohhh!… The Bead Shop… We have to stop.


So many colors to choose from. The amethyst beads are beautiful.

Next The Fabric Shop and then The Trim Shop. I’ll need a new dress to go with the earrings I’m going to make.

Bolts and bolts of tiny prints.

Here’s the shop where we’ll find trimmings; tiny lace edgings, ribbons, buttons and more.

In this weather, I can’t  even think about looking at the yarn.

The owner does alterations in the corner.

I can’t leave without a look through the discount bin.

Next, I need to pick up some Basil at The Herbal Shop. I hope they have Rosemary too.


 Should I get fish or maybe a roast, for tonight’s dinner?

The salmon looks fresh.

I’ll get a roast for tomorrow night.

… And a party tray for the miniature collectors’ get together on Sunday.

Two more stops before we head home; The Pottery Shop and The Print Shop.

I like to watch the potter at his wheel. I’m glad he doesn’t have the kiln fired up today.

His gift shop is next door. I need a birthday gift form my niece.

 I think she’d like a pretty vase with some freshly cut flowers from my garden.

 And…  she collects vintage posters .


Which one should I get for her… maybe the Shirley Temple poster or the one with Laverne and Shirley?

Alright, I’m ready to drop. Thank you for coming along, today. Tomorrow?… the antique shops!

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