Instead of Pink and Purple

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Instead of Pink and Purple

Google search “dollhouse palace”, “dollhouse mansion”, or even “dollhouse castle”, and you’ll end up with pages and pages full of pink and purple. I was determined to find some more realistic options. I wanted  dollhouse mansions that I could imagine belonging to real dukes and duchesses, real royalty from times past, not just the king and queen doll figures with their crowns and thrones. After some serious searching I found a store in Ireland with an online website. The Dolls Store, Hospital and Museum is in Dublin.

Their “brick and mortar” location houses their store, their doll hospital and their museum, in the Ballroom  of  this palatial building from the Georgian Era, the Viscount Powerscourt’s Townhouse.

This is what a real royal residence looks like. I don’t see any pink and purple!?!?

Options to the pink and purple can be found . The following dollhouse palaces are available from The Dolls Store.

This is the unpainted version of the Trelawney Manor townhouse. It has pillars at the entrance and French doors to the balcony. Can you imagine the magnificent Ballroom you could create in this doll’s palace?This is the Wentworth Court townhouse. Each window, doorway and even the roof top is crowned with a decorative pediment. I envision an elegant vestibule with a winding stairway and a magnificent chandelier.

Here’s the stately Montgomery palace. It has a French mansard roof and two multiple stack chimneys.

You can add the option of a courtyard level to this mansion and others . The symmetrical stairways lead up to a formal entrance.

Don’t you love the stairs leading to the gallery entrance of Grosvenor Hall? I’m also a fan of the arched windows on the terrace level and the sidelights that flank both doorways. Anytime I see fake columns on a suburban residence, I cringe. They usually aren’t even structural. Columns that say someone of royalty lives here, or governs from here, or ones that are actually structural and support a balcony, are the only ones I admire. It’s the architect in me, I apologize if I offended anyone from the suburbs.

Just picture the royalty family that resides in the Queen Anne estate.

Here’s an actual castle. This is the Cumberland Castle and the East Wing, complete with cathedral windows, a bay window, a tower and one or two turrets, depending on whether you opt for the added East Wing. You could easily recreate a Downton Abbey inspired theme in this choice.

Well, did I inspire anyone to start a new project… a palace, a castle, a royal mansion? I want all the details.


  1. Carol Morehead
    August 6, 2012

    How fun! Good choices. Most dollhouses don’t have the room for a “Downstairs” so I use my attic for the help.

    • Karen
      August 6, 2012

      Hi Carol,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the selection. The attic is a great option for the help. I enjoy the stories you create around your dollhouse characters. They are so entertaining. When I finally get linked to some social networking, I’ll be sure to be fan.


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